rose & red currant mahalepi

A sweet, creamy treat perfect for a hot summer’s day…rose & red currant mahalepi are simple to make & beautiful to behold. THE INSPIRATION BEHIND MY ROSE & RED CURRANT MAHALEPI I stumbled across red currants (frangostáfila in Greek) at one of the local markets here on our island here in Greece. And even though… Read more

Slow Braised Leg of Lamb with Leek Confit & Sweet Potato Puree

This feast was inspired by one of the last meals we ate in Greece after living there for the last 6 months. Rich and unctuous slow braised leg of lamb is paired with meltingly tender leek confit and silky sweet potato puree. This combination of textures and flavors makes for a luxurious feast that is… Read more

Topped off with a refreshing chopped cucumber and pomegranate salad, we could eat this hummus with vegan spiced meat every day.

This is our most favorite way to enjoy hummus. Spiced vegan ground meat cooked until nice & crisp contrasts wonderfully against smooth and creamy hummus. Topped off with a refreshing chopped cucumber sumac pomegranate salad and toasted pine nuts, we could eat this hummus with vegan spiced meat every day. Hummus, the creamy chickpea spread… Read more

The most glorious holiday dessert. This festive trifle features sticky gingerbread spice cake, luscious cheesecake whipped cream & soft candied cranberries. Gingerbread and cranberries are my winter muses. My sticky gingerbread spice cake has already proven to be quite the fan favorite. And my soft candied cranberries are incredibly versatile. So what could be better… Read more

A sweet fizzy treat that is perfect in its simplicity, these candied cranberry Shirley Temples are my grown up version of the classic drink.

There isn’t another drink that makes me more nostalgic of my childhood. A sweet fizzy treat that is perfect in its simplicity. These candied cranberry Shirley Temples are my grown up version of the classic drink. My love affair with all things cranberry continues. With two big jars of soft candied cranberries in syrup standing… Read more


These soft candied cranberries are the most beautiful and delicious preparation of whole cranberries - a gorgeous & festive garnish

This is the most aesthetic & genuinely delicious way to prepare whole cranberries. When you make soft candied cranberries you also get the blessing of a gorgeous cranberry simple syrup. I’ve been dreaming of creating a beautiful whole cranberry recipe like this for a long time. The challenge, though, is that whole cranberries need to… Read more


Tis the season for gingerbread. The rich flavors of molasses and warm spices with a sweet & sticky exterior that yields to a soft, tender crumb. This sticky gingerbread spice cake is our adapted rendition of the beloved traditional cake. Gingerbread has a very long history, evolving over time from its first known origins in ancient… Read more

This may be the most delicious holiday loaf of bread there is. Inspired by the flavors and colors of the season. This cranberry pistachio white chocolate bread is filled with some of my very favorite flavors. All within a crusty bakery-style boule that makes the most delicious toast. Bread – it’s one of life’s greatest… Read more


A creamy, cheesy au gratin of winter squash topped with crispy sage leaves. This cozy, comforting recipe is delicious served as a vegetarian main course or side dish to a roast. I originally shared this winter squash au gratin recipe on Instagram last year. But it wasn’t until the other day that I was reminded… Read more


These mushroom wild rice pot pies are inspired by Native foods of America. Chanterelle mushrooms, winter squash and wild rice combine with savory herbs in a rich and creamy filling. Topped with golden puff pastry, these pot pies are a simple, yet elegant dish for your holiday table. WILD RICE, CHANTERELLE MUSHROOMS & WINTER SQUASH… Read more