hi, I’m bella :)

Ful-filled is a place where I am chronicling my journey to completion, where I share my passion for real food, true health, and living life with purpose. I am currently living on the Greek island of Skopelos where I am slowly completing my home while establishing myself in a country that is not my own, but that feels like home (for now).

REAL FOOD is what ful-filled is all about. Food as it was intended to be, prepared with love and eaten synergistically in a way that fuels our mind, body, and soul with all that is needed to enable us to thrive.

TRUE HEALTH – my idea of ‘true health’ has changed quite a bit over the years. One can consume the ‘healthiest’ foods on the planet, take all the supplements under the sun, exercise everyday, etc. But unless you have inner peace, calm and contentment, none of the above can do the work necessary to keep us well.

FULL LIFE – everyone is searching for fulfillment and hopefully this space I share with you here will encourage you on your journey. I started Ful-filled 8 years ago and never could have imagined that I would find myself on my own and starting my life from a new beginning. But here I am, taking life one moment at a time, pursuing my passions and re-discovering my purpose. Thank you for joining me on this journey :)