fig leaf wrapped grilled fish

Anyone who knows me knows that my love for figs runs deep, they are my favorite food on earth. Their season could never last long enough for me, because I could literally eat them everyday and never grow tired of them. The reality though, is that the fig fruit season is only during late summer… READ MORE

endive with whipped goat cheese smoked trout pickled red onion and dill

Endive: difficult to grow and typically mis-pronounced, this elegant little vegetable is worth getting to know - and I got to do just that when I recently attended the 2016 International Food Bloggers Conference this July in Sacramento, CA. The conference kicked off with a farm excursion to an endive farm in Rio Vista, CA. Guided by… READ MORE

white peach tart

Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying endeavors one can embark on. There is just something about walking out to your own backyard and harvesting perfectly ripe fruit right off of the tree. The latest fruit in season from our backyard orchard is peaches. Our multiple variety grafted tree bore a bountiful… READ MORE

chocolate avocado mousse

My hubby absolutely loves chocolate. I, on the other hand, do not crave chocolate quite like he does. What is crazy, is that he always happens to crave chocolate the most when we don't have anything chocolatey in the house and said cravings typically occur in the evening. To avoid having to run to the grocery store… READ MORE


heirloom tomato tart

Summer at the farmer's market is a glorious sight filled with vibrant scenes of people getting their share of summer's goodness. Each farmer's table is brimming with every color of the rainbow - from juicy peaches to colorful peppers, but the most popular produce by far has got to be heirloom tomatoes. I always feel… READ MORE

watermelon feta salad

Summertime has always been my favorite season. The long hot days fade into cool nights that beckon you to sit under the stars and relish in the relief of the fresh evening air. When I married into a Greek family the summer nights I love so much now consisted of gathering around an outdoor table… READ MORE


Farm fresh strawberries, coated in melted white chocolate and then dipped in crushed freeze dried blueberries- simple, natural, and delicious. These natural red, white and blue dipped strawberries are the perfect way to represent as you celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day, or any time of year.

fresh blueberry pie

Our backyard is home to several blueberry bushes that burst with blueberries every year from May through July. Being able to walk into our own backyard to harvest fresh blueberries and then turn them into a fresh blueberry pie is like a dream come true that we thankfully get to relive every summer. Growing blueberries… READ MORE



Fresh, in-season tomatoes are one of my favorite foods on earth, but this was not always the case. In fact, when I was a child, fresh tomatoes were one of my least favorite foods. You could blame it on my immature tastebuds, or the fact that I was never privileged with the opportunity to taste a real tomato… READ MORE

matcha milk bread turtles

This recipe was born out of a dream. It all started with a plead by Food52 contributor Sarah Jampel in her article about dutch crunch. She requested for someone to create chocolate bread with a matcha dutch crunch crackle and that request got my wheels turning. I began to picture what this kind of loaf would actually look… READ MORE