Cold weather has finally arrived here in Northern California and that means lots and lots of baking will be taking place in our kitchen. Which also means that I finally get to bring to fruition all kinds of baked goodness that I have been dreaming up. These matcha cheesecake brownies are one of the things… READ MORE

quince tarte tatin

Quince have become the fruit we look forward to most every fall. While unassuming in their raw form, quince undergo the most incredible metamorphosis when they get poached. From covered in fuzz and dust with an unpalatable texture when raw, poaching transforms quince into a gorgeous hue of rosy orange. They smell and taste like nectar from… READ MORE


Living in an older neighborhood, we are surrounded by so many different types of edible plants and fruit bearing trees. Our neighborhood was first settled in the 1860's by railroad workers, most of them immigrants from Greece, Italy and Mexico. As you explore the streets and alleys in this historic neighborhood of Roseville, California, you discover… READ MORE

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash is by far our favorite squash or pumpkin. A true ’tis-the-season standby, it will last in a cool, dark place for up to six months - only getting sweeter the longer it stores. I always stock up on butternut squash around this time of year, knowing that they will last us throughout the fall… READ MORE

black rice with mango and coconut cream

If you have never had a keitt mango, now is the time to get your hands on one. These huge mangoes are deep green when ripe and are actually grown right here in California. Their juicy, sweet, tangy flesh is the perfect topping for this black rice with mango and coconut cream that was adapted from… READ MORE

roasted carrots with carrot top pesto & goat cheese

While browsing the stands at the farmers market, you will be sure to find bundles of carrots with their ferny tops still attached. The delicate greenery dangles from the bright orange roots making for a beautiful freshly-harvested display. Whenever I bring home a bunch of carrots from the market, my first choice is to roast them… READ MORE


Pears have to be one of the prettiest fruits of fall with their varying hues and elegant curves. We love to eat them out of hand, but we discovered years ago, that our favorite way to eat them is in a pear pie. Pie has got be one of the greatest foods on earth. Tender and flaky, warm… READ MORE

fig leaf wrapped grilled fish

Anyone who knows me knows that my love for figs runs deep, they are my favorite food on earth. Their season could never last long enough for me, because I could literally eat them everyday and never grow tired of them. The reality though, is that the fig fruit season is only during late summer… READ MORE

endive with whipped goat cheese smoked trout pickled red onion and dill

Endive: difficult to grow and typically mis-pronounced, this elegant little vegetable is worth getting to know - and I got to do just that when I recently attended the 2016 International Food Bloggers Conference this July in Sacramento, CA. The conference kicked off with a farm excursion to an endive farm in Rio Vista, CA. Guided by… READ MORE

white peach tart

Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying endeavors one can embark on. There is just something about walking out to your own backyard and harvesting perfectly ripe fruit right off of the tree. The latest fruit in season from our backyard orchard is peaches. Our multiple variety grafted tree bore a bountiful… READ MORE