gingerbread belgian liege waffles

First of all, some of you may be wondering what the heck a Belgian liege waffle is, so I will explain that before we move on to anything else ;) Liège waffles are crunchy on the inside from the embedded sugar pearls and perfectly crisp on the outside from that same sugar that melts to… READ MORE

vegan cheesy pumpkin rigatoni pie

This recipe is the marriage of some of our favorite foods as of late. We have been eating roasted pumpkin and squash on the regular. Pasta has been making a weekly appearance in our kitchen. And ever since my friend Timmy @mississippivegan shared his genius recipe for vegan cheese sauce, we have been introducing it… READ MORE

ENCORE WORKSHOP DATES: MARCH 8-11th, 2018 There was such extremely high demand for our upcoming February workshop and several of you had attempted to reserve tickets to attend, but were unable to because the event had already completely sold-out. Because so many of you have asked for this, we are opening up registration for an… READ MORE

milopita - greek apple & olive oil cake

Apples are synonymous with fall. Such a versatile fruit, it is only fitting that they are so celebrated every year. And it is only fitting that a bunch of us bloggers got together to throw an online apple party where we all share a recipe inspired by fall's favorite fruit. My recipe contribution for the #aisforalltheapples party… READ MORE

roasted red pepper sweet potato soup

Its that time of year when the seasons are merging at the farmers market. The last of summer produce is making its final show as the weather begins to cool. The peppers are particularly amazing this time of year...I am not sure if it is the fact that their season is almost over that makes… READ MORE

As I sit here and gather all of my thoughts about our last workshop that was held in the picturesque Napa Valley of Northern California, the skies are filled with smoke and the sun glows red as that same valley is currently enduring horrific wildfires. I have been asked several times if we are okay… READ MORE

Dear readers, There has been so much going on in our life recently, that this is the first time I have sat down to share a recipe with you guys in almost 3 months! It is difficult to put into words just how much our life is changing right now, so while I share the… READ MORE

Hosting a weekend workshop in San Francisco, CA was something that I knew was meant to be. Planning this event was a whirlwind of a timeline, from the time we confirmed our location to when the workshop took place was only 6 weeks! As you can probably imagine, those 6 weeks were very busy weeks… READ MORE

As many of you may already know from following my Instagram account, I spent most of last week in New York, where I hosted a private workshop for Uber. This trip was life-changing in so many ways and I have been itching to share with you all the details surrounding the trip and everything that… READ MORE

I am so excited to announce the final workshop for 2017, which I will be hosting with the ever so talented Sarah Fennel of Broma Bakery. This 4-day, 3-night retreat will be held in the picturesque Napa Valley of Northern California. We will be staying on a stunning estate, spending our days immersed in food styling… READ MORE