eggnog french toast

Eating french toast on the weekend has been a tradition in my family ever since I can remember. Breakfast on the weekend meant that my dad would be cooking for us and he made the very best french toast. A golden crispy exterior with a fluffy custard center, french toast was his specialty. Once I… READ MORE


It would not be Thanksgiving without bread rolls. Pillowy soft domes of comfort, the bread rolls, or buns as my family always called them, may seem much less impressive say than the turkey that so much time & effort is poured into, but for us, there would be a massive void at our family's table… READ MORE

hidden rose apple tarts

No, your eyes are not fooling you. These apples are really pink on the inside! They are called hidden rose apples and not only are they beautiful to behold, but they are juicy & crisp with just the right balance of sweet & tart, basically everything you would hope for in an apple. Inspired by the name of these unique apples, I created these hidden rose apple tarts to capture the beauty of this remarkable fruit.


Peas were not a vegetable that I ate growing up - for some reason all I ever was exposed to were the lackluster canned peas that were served at my elementary school cafeteria, which left me disinterested to say the least. It was not until I got married that I finally had the opportunity to taste… READ MORE

matcha glazed black sesame bundt cakes

Out of all of the recipes I dream up for this blog - matcha recipes just may be the ones I get the most excited about. Matcha is a huge part of our life, not only because of the way it makes us feel, but we just can't get enough of its flavor. We start… READ MORE

miso roasted kabocha soba bowls

Being involved in food blogging exposes you to continual possibilities of what can be done with food. On a daily basis, I take in probably thousands of images and inspirations from all over the world, leading to my constant growth and innovation as a recipe developer. Instagram is one of the main channels of social… READ MORE

pumpkin loukoumades

Loukoumades (pronounced: lou-kou-MAH-thes) can be considered the Greek version of a donut. Light, airy and perfectly crisp golden dough gets coated in honey, cinnamon & walnuts for what is one of our very favorite Greek treats. I'm not one to typically mess with tradition and there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional loukoumades. However, the other… READ MORE


Cold weather has finally arrived here in Northern California and that means lots and lots of baking will be taking place in our kitchen. Which also means that I finally get to bring to fruition all kinds of baked goodness that I have been dreaming up. These matcha cheesecake brownies are one of the things… READ MORE

quince tarte tatin

Quince have become the fruit we look forward to most every fall. While unassuming in their raw form, quince undergo the most incredible metamorphosis when they get poached. From covered in fuzz and dust with an unpalatable texture when raw, poaching transforms quince into a gorgeous hue of rosy orange. They smell and taste like nectar from… READ MORE


Living in an older neighborhood, we are surrounded by so many different types of edible plants and fruit bearing trees. Our neighborhood was first settled in the 1860's by railroad workers, most of them immigrants from Greece, Italy and Mexico. As you explore the streets and alleys in this historic neighborhood of Roseville, California, you discover… READ MORE