The world of ‘pita’ in the Greek cooking culture is vast. Pita is most commonly known as “pita bread.” Which is a flatbread used for things like gyros. Then there are the pitas that are essentially phyllo encased pies. Which are filled with savory or sweet fillings. There are so many variations of pita in… Read more

One of the most beloved Greek recipes, Fasolada - Greek White Bean Soup is a simple, nourishing comfort food that pairs beautifully with a bit of crumbled feta, olives, and crusty bread.

If there is any dish that should be considered the true national dish of Greece, it would be fasolada – Greek white bean soup. Fasolada (pronounced: fah-so-LAH-tha) is a simple white bean soup that consists of just a handful of basic ingredients. But these seemingly plain ingredients transform into one of the most comforting and… Read more

An impossibly simple rendition of the classic Greek olive bread. With a crisp crust and a tender interior flavored with Greek oregano and salt-cured Greek olives, this no-knead Greek olive bread is a comforting companion to some of our most beloved Greek meals. GREEK OLIVE BREAD INGREDIENTS: Just seven ingredients make up this simple, artisan-style… Read more

Hearty, rich, and perfectly balanced in flavor & texture: babushka Bronia's borscht is the ultimate comforting and nourishing soup

I typically tend to share a cake for my birthday blog post. But this year, I am sharing a recipe for one of my very favorite soups. My hubby can confirm that my usual birthday dinner request is usually some kind of soup. What can I say! There is nothing I crave more this time… Read more



‘Tis the season for festive treats that can be shared with friends and loved ones! Although, this year, gathering with friends and loved ones is not in the cards…thankfully we can still spread joy and ‘feel togetherness’ through special gestures we can ship in the mail! Matcha peppermint bark is what I am sending out… Read more


If you are a fan of lemon bars, then you are going to love this cranberry version! I am a huge fan of cranberry, so I set out to come up with at least one exciting cranberry recipe this holiday season and that is how these perfect cranberry bars were born. PERFECT CRANBERRY BAR BREAKDOWN… Read more


If you are looking for a simple yet delicious way to finish off your Thanksgiving meal, then these no-churn pumpkin pie ice cream sundaes are the perfect treat! A big reward with hardly any effort, this make-ahead dessert has all of the flavors of traditional pumpkin pie but adds a refreshing touch to your holiday… Read more


This creamy vegetable dumpling soup is a cozy one-pot recipe that is perfect for chilly fall & winter days. Full of hearty vegetables, a rich, creamy, herb-laden broth, and topped off with the fluffiest dumplings. This creamy vegetable dumpling soup is the ultimate comfort meal. And it could not be simpler to cook up this… Read more


My love for matcha runs deep. Not only is a hot matcha latte my favorite way to start the day, but matcha makes for such a lovely addition to baked goods and sweets. When I flipped through the pages of my friend Sabine Venier’s debut cookbook “The Chocolate Addict’s Baking Book” for the first time… Read more


I am honored to be sharing a recipe from my friend Diala Canelo’s debut cookbook “Diala’s Kitchen.” A diverse collection of plant-forward & pescatarian recipes inspired by Diala’s travels combined with her passion for bringing people together. Out of all of the recipes in this vibrant cookbook, the one I just had to make first… Read more