Learning about wild edibles has been a natural progression of our food journey, as we have become deeply invested in getting in touch with the source of where our food comes from. I think it all really started during the first time my hubby took me to Greece. I remember witnessing old women from the… READ MORE

asian chickpea rice paper tacos

There is always room in our kitchen for good fusion cuisine and these Asian chickpea rice paper tacos are just that. Rice paper gets fried to a crisp to make for a unique take on a taco shell that is light, crispy and totally addictive. These rice paper taco shells get filled with Asian chopped… READ MORE

Today is Pi Day (3.14) and St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away, so I am killing two birds with one stone and introducing this matcha mint grasshopper pie just in time to celebrate both of these special days! This is not your typical grasshopper pie however, it is made with a very… READ MORE

Juicing has been a foundational part of our life for many years. Our decision to start juicing came after a sequence of events that led us down a path of introspecting into our health and the modern food system. In short, it all started with one simple question and the search for the answer to… READ MORE

black sesame chocolate banana bread

Banana bread is synonymous with my childhood. It was literally one of only two things my mom ever baked, so we ate banana bread quite often. My mom never really got adventurous in the kitchen, so the banana bread she made was very basic. But from the way it made the house smell while it baked… READ MORE

After a month of waiting for our preserved meyer lemons to finish curing, we could not wait to start using them in as many recipes as possible! While preserved lemons are not used in traditional Greek cooking, lemons are - so we knew that preserved lemons would be a natural fit in our Greek kitchen. The… READ MORE

Truth be told, I would not consider myself a cake person. Every time there was a birthday party growing up, I found myself pretty unimpressed once the candles were blown out and the cake was served. I think my biggest issue is the frosting, I have always found it to be just too sweet. There… READ MORE

Lahanodolamdes (pronounced: LA-ha-no-dol-ma-thes) are the Greek version of cabbage rolls. Rice and ground meat get flavored with seasonal herbs, wrapped in softened cabbage leaves and gently cooked in liquid until they are melt in your mouth tender. Cabbage rolls are a simple food that are made in different cultures all throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our… READ MORE

Citrus season is in full swing and we continue to consume it in all ways possible. One of our very favorite seasonal combinations is citrus and fennel, they compliment each other so wonderfully. While at the farmers market the other day, I was fortunate to find one of my farmer friends had a generous amount… READ MORE


Preserved lemons are experiencing quite a moment in the food world, becoming much more commonly used in restaurants and home kitchens nowadays. But this ancient food has filled jars on pantry shelves across the Arab Mediterranean region for thousands of years. Simply born out of the need to store and preserve lemons past their season, preserved… READ MORE