grilled halloumi burgers

Grilling season has officially started and along with it has come some pretty hot weather for us here in Northern California. The heat combined with longer days means we are typically eating dinner later in the day, so we have found ourselves craving lighter fare. Turning to my hubby's Greek culture for inspiration, I wanted… READ MORE

These pots de creme are a revelation. Their base is literally 2 ingredients: coconut cream & chocolate! I honestly cannot believe someone has not come up with this genius concept sooner, but boy am I glad that my good friend Matt Flores, who lovingly prepared all of the meals at our workshop last month, shared… READ MORE

spring potato salad with lemon & roasted garlic maio dressing

Mayonnaise is one of those ingredients that can be quite polarizing, people either love it, hate it or fall somewhere in between. I am one of those people who falls somewhere in between, while I am not opposed to mayonnaise, I am not the biggest fan either. Not to mention, mayonnaise can often leave my… READ MORE

Our food blogging journey has been quite incredible. At the beginning of next month, it will have been 2 years since we started ful-filled and as we reflect back on everything that has happened in our life since starting this journey, we are blown away. Although it may sound cliche, if you had told me 2… READ MORE

Tsoureki (pronounced: tsou-REH-key) is a sweet braided bread that is made every year for the celebration & remembrance of Passover & the Resurrection of Christ, also known as Pascha in Greek. Flavored with mastiha (mastic tree resin from the Greek island of Chios) and mahlepi (a.k.a mahlab), a highly aromatic spice made from the seeds of… READ MORE


matcha pandan bubble tea

Bubble tea is one of those things that I just find so satisfying. Tea + milk + sweetener + boba = one of the simplest drinking pleasures on earth. Whenever I drink a bubble tea, it is a very immersive experience for me. From the first to the last sip, I find myself completely devoted… READ MORE

Learning about wild edibles has been a natural progression of our food journey, as we have become deeply invested in getting in touch with the source of where our food comes from. I think it all really started during the first time my hubby took me to Greece. I remember witnessing old women from the… READ MORE

asian chickpea rice paper tacos

There is always room in our kitchen for good fusion cuisine and these Asian chickpea rice paper tacos are just that. Rice paper gets fried to a crisp to make for a unique take on a taco shell that is light, crispy and totally addictive. These rice paper taco shells get filled with Asian chopped… READ MORE

Today is Pi Day (3.14) and St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away, so I am killing two birds with one stone and introducing this matcha mint grasshopper pie just in time to celebrate both of these special days! This is not your typical grasshopper pie however, it is made with a very… READ MORE

Juicing has been a foundational part of our life for many years. Our decision to start juicing came after a sequence of events that led us down a path of introspecting into our health and the modern food system. In short, it all started with one simple question and the search for the answer to… READ MORE